Developer back - fighting back

After years of trying to ignore my lower back pain, it finally culminated in a spinal disc hernia last year. Luckily for me, that hernia was the final straw that »

750 words to clear your head

It's been a while since I have blogged, I must admit. I've been very busy with the release of the official DuckDuckGo app for Windows 8, but that's only partly »

Rocking your command line: Making Git bash more Windows-friendly

Git Bash is a great tool which has quite a few perks if you're using Git. For one, it has completion on the git commands and stuff like your branches »

NuGetFight: my first OSS out in the open

The past couple of weeks Kevin Pelgrims and I teamed up to create NuGetFight, a website that enables you to easily compare NuGet packages based on their usage stats. As »

Rocking your command line: Git & Hg installation

If you're starting out with the command line of Git or Mercurial, this post can help you make things more comfortable for you ( and serve as a reference for my »